The Trippin' Series Plays with One's Visual Perception of Stability

 - Jan 8, 2012
The designers of the Trippin' series decided to go above and beyond the bland demand for purely practical objects, opting instead to inspire a little delight, curiosity and confusion in the users of their pieces. One is sure to question the functional adequacy that the assembly of these items suggests, as no single one instills a confidence that it won't imminently topple to the floor.

Zoran Sunjic and Ines Pasic made a simple adjustment to their otherwise minimalistic furnishings. They spun the horizontal axis from the center of each object, affecting the extension of the supporting legs. As a result, slanted wooden posts prop up the corners of the stools, chairs, benches and coffee tables to produce a perplexing spatial illusion in the Trippin' series. This is further enhanced by whimsically painted accents on each topsy-turvy piece.