Softline Stools Offer Deceptively Stable Support for Their Sitters

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: jamiewolfond
I wouldn't blame you for having your reservations about entrusting your body's weight to the seemingly insubstantial structure of the Softline Stools. These marvelously silly-looking seats are asymmetrical and seem to be made entirely of stuffing-filled fabric.

But Jamie Wolfond's design does hold a distinctive form, it's just difficult to discern it under the layers of padding and quilted cloth. Steel frames form the U-shaped legs that create a loop at the top for supporting your behind. The edge of this is held steady by a pair of crutches to ensure that the entire chair remains sufficiently stiff. Pipe insulation and rubberized fabric give more bulk and unusual shape to the Softline Stools. The comfy cushioned pieces appear like carton versions of more conventional rigid furnishings.