From Cozy Lounging Hybrids to Folding Flower Loungers

 - Feb 6, 2013
Many modern chairs and sofas are quite modular in shape and structure, which doesn't make for the most comfortable experience, but these relaxed seating solutions are a perfect marriage of form and function. Relaxed seating conjures thoughts of frumpy, unkempt couches and chairs, when in reality this fine assortment are anything but.

The main focus of each of the eclectic finds here are first off beautifully designed and second are superb options for relaxing after a hard day. What's more, they won't have you embarrased about your decor choices when friends come by because they have an exquisitely modern design aesthetic. Think twice the next time you're thinking about boring chairs and recall these fantastic relaxed seating solutions for inspiration of how much better it could be.