The Colima Chairs by Rafael Mayani Make Many References to Mexico

 - Jan 3, 2012
A textile pattern, a type of material or a piece's general shape can all be indicators of its origin, yet few furnishings can boast the abundance of such references, as do these Colima Chairs by Rafael Mayani.

The designer created this set of three seats for Mexico's pavilion at the World Expo 2012 in Japan. Fitting with the theme of "the Ocean and Coast," the beautiful state of Colima was selected for ethnic and aesthetic inspiration.

Elaborate weaving techniques, the color integration and the sculptural construction make the loveseat, sofa and single seater bench remarkably unique. The intricate texture, the curving shape and the bright white, pink and red hues represent dancers' billowing dresses, while the structure of the Colima Chairs by Rafael Mayani takes cues from the monumental petatera bull ring.