The Oz Lowchair Lets You Turn Over the Upholstery Like Pages of a Book

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: catenelson
Customizability and playfulness contribute to the appeal of the marvelous Oz Lowchair. It will particularly delight the likes of avid readers who might compare its interactive quality to the action of leafing through a novel.

The Cate & Nelson recliner has a sturdy metal frame, constructed of a pair of railed braces for legs and two flat panels with curved edges. At the juncture of the seat and the backrest, a stack of thick cloth has been bound inside. Many of the different colors of fabric appear in sets so that, when you spread the spine of the book-like furnishing, you can have entirely blue upholstery, red or black.

All the same, you have the option of featuring two different shades at once for your Oz Lowchair. And the very elements that decorate the piece contribute to your level of comfort.