Tamas Bozsik's Cross Between Chair & Sofa Provides Total Comfort

If you've ever struggled to get the perfect position on a chair or couch, then this creation by Tamas Bozsik is for you. A cross between a sofa and a chair, this functional piece of furniture lets you lie down with total comfort to read, work or just relax.

The hybrid sofa, which was created for Tamas Bozsik's final project at MOME University of Art & Design, almost looks like a table but with a gently curved corner that acts like a head rest. Underneath, you'll find two shelves for the storage of books and magazines, and on top, a couple of matching decorative cushions. According to Design East, the piece is eco-friendly, with the frame made out of ash wood and felt.

On the designer's website, he describes the piece as being an exploration of "sitting and laying with organic, sweeping lines."