- Jun 23, 2013
These furniture designs were inspired by a favorite dairy product. From egg-shaped carpets to baby cribs, these home furnishings are smooth, simple and delectable in appeal.

How would you feel sitting on the top of an egg-shaped chair? It would definitely require more balance than sitting on a chair with a back rest. The Kokkode chair by Andrea Santarossa is a type of bean bag chair that's shaped like an oversized egg. It seems uncomfortable, but it was purposely designed that way to fix posture.

Aside from the smooth hard shelled egg, cracked eggs have also sparked innovative furniture design. The Sunny Shag Up rug by WordofMouth resembles a delicious breakfast -- sunny-side-up eggs with two yummy yellow yolks. The circular rug is made of white furry fabric, with two half-spherical yellow cushions that replicate the yolks. It's a funny 3-dimensional imitation of a favorite breakfast food.

From Egg-Shaped Washroom Fixtures to Sunny-Side-Up Seatings: