The WordofMouth Sunny Shag Up Rug is Eggcellent

 - May 14, 2011
References: wordofmouthbali & incrediblethings
This clever carpet is sure to crack you up.

The designers at WordofMouth must have had breakfast on their minds when designing the delicious Sunny Shag Up Rug. The clever culinary carpet resembles two sunny-side-up eggs, with cushy yellow yolks and all. The white rug is made out of a shaggy fur fabric that's perfect for walking on with bare feet. Not only is this carpet cozy and comfortable, but it will definitely add some humor to your household or business. Family members, friends and foodies will all appreciate this food-themed floor covering.

This cholesterol-free carpet comes free of shells and is guaranteed to feed your floors with style. WordofMouth's scrumptious Sunny Side Up Rug is no yolk -- I mean, joke.