The Flexible Rod-Structured 1001 Chair Bows Under the Sitter's Weight

I can see people being a bit apprehensive about clambering onto the 1001 Chair since its structure hardly looks sturdy enough to support the weight of a full-grown human. The unusual piece of furniture comprises a curious perforated convex base, a cluster of spiny legs and a tectonic triangular top that shifts beneath its moving load.

The solid bottom resembles a modern sculptural scalp with hair follicles and strands that stick out in tiny clumps. These are trios of elastic rods that have been installed at precise angles. They keep the sitting surface firm while allowing a bit of corporeal contouring. As such, one can use the 1001 Chair as a seat or a nap-friendly lounger. The Thomas Hiemann and Markus Dilger recliner is both functionally and aesthetically innovative and sure to spice up the design of any room.