The Accelerator Spinning Chair Stimulates Your Body and Mind

 - May 24, 2011
References: bouf & ohgizmo
The Accelerator Spinning Chair demonstrates that, even though it is necessary to take a rest once in a while, people do not have to lead completely sedentary lives. Instead, furniture that encourages movement satisfies both your need to relax as well as your need to remain active.

Designed by Jaanus Osugaar, the Accelerator Spinning Chair also serves another, more insubstantial, purpose. Unlike a rocking chair that relaxes you and puts you at ease, this seat energizes you and stimulates your mind. By interacting with the Accelerator Spinning Chair, you gain an interesting spiritual experience that renews your body.

All it takes is six spins and then you return to your original position, feeling a little bit more alive. The Accelerator Spinning Chair is priced at $990.00.