The Elegant Sinfo Sofa Invites Customized Arrangement

People who live in small spaces are not the only ones who can appreciate adaptable furnishings, for the Sinfo Sofa collection is ideal for large and accommodating living rooms as well. In collaboration with Yolanda Herraiz, Susana Martinez of Estelles Design Studio devised this sumptuous seating system for those who like to mix things up.

The collection includes a short and wide armless couch, a long and narrow one, a square ottoman and separate armrests, as well as low lumber side table. Each piece is sheathed in a rich wood grain perimeter and the chesterfield's backrests and cushions are sewn from a sophisticated bleached leather. The Sinfo Sofa can be assembled precisely to the user's preferences, mixing at matching the coordinated modular components to face any direction and form any shape.