Peter Traag Designs a Radiant Chair with a Membrane-Like Material

 - Apr 10, 2012
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Designer Peter Traag is best known for his distinct chair design known as the ‘Sponge.’ They’re chairs that are made by injecting a combination of foam, PVC and lycra into a mold and letting it expand and crinkle naturally until they take the familiar form of seating furniture. As the process is unpredictable, each chair that is produce comes out different from the last one made.

One of Peter Traag’s latest additions to the ‘Sponge’ family is the gold creation you’re currently staring at. As you can see, the crumpling effect is a major characteristic of the chair and its presentation is so artful that people may be tempted not to sit on it at all. But from the materials mentioned in the manufacturing of each ‘Sponge,’ the seats are probably extremely comfy.