The Sanserif Creatius 'Prejudice' Cardboard Chairs are Planet-Preserving

Planet-preserving interior designs are becoming a common representation of modernity within the average home and the Sanserif Creatius 'Prejudice' cardboard seats embodies this pattern.

These seats are made from completely recycled cardboard and are designed for broad seating with a curvy appearance for optimal comfort. There is a hollow section in the seat that can fit a matching footrest or coffee table made from cardboard as well, making this set an entirely green decor. Sanserif Creatius is known for creating intelligently designed interior pieces that promote sustainable living and its uncanny designs are sure to brighten up any living room. The Sanserif Creatius Prejudice cardboard sofas will provide an environmentally friendly opportunity to sit and relax, significantly reducing the guilt of being a couch potato.