Rebecca J. Coles Crafts Beautiful Winged-Insect Compositions

 - May 27, 2012
References: rebeccajcoles & illusion.scene360
It’s amazing how simple yet astounding these Rebecca J. Coles creations are. Seen here are her various paper butterfly compositions, which she hand-cuts and arranges herself. Readers will be surprised to learn that Coles actually draws a different butterfly for each piece of paper, making every one of the winged insects in her artworks unique. She then bunches them in abstract manners to produce visual effects that inspire awe without fail.

Amplifying the awesomeness of her work, Rebecca J. Coles crafts each butterfly out of recycled paper. From stamps to magazine pages, Coles selects interesting prints she feels will translate well into wings and proceeds to pin each elegant bug onto her canvas of choice. If that wasn’t impressive enough, you should know that Coles’ portfolio exceeds a hundred pieces. Think of how many paper butterflies were made!