Nicholas Hendrickx Documents the Life of Gerald Fly

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: flickr & thatslikewhoa
Belgian artist Nicholas Hendrickx takes the art of taxidermy to a new extreme in this collection of photographs titled "The Adventures of Mr. Fly." Shadowing Gerald Fly as he embarks on a wild journey, these pictures reanimate the annoying pest in a playful and comical new light.

If arranged in particular sequences, these photos reveals Gerald Fly to be quite a dynamic and adventurous insect. From building a snowman to jamming out on his guitar, Gerald Fly knows how to make the most out of his two-week life span.

Animals have often been adorned with human features in order to emphasize the extent to which we are compassionate towards our pet companions, the same is not so often done with the common house fly -- but as we can see from this pictures, flies are people too.