The Spider Electric Guitars by Olaf Diegel are Wicked

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: & gizmag
The Spider Electric Guitars by Olaf Diegel are what Spider-man would jam on if he was a rock star. The bodies of these guitars are designed to look like spider webs, and even have little insects crawling around inside them.

These sick axes are made with 3D printing technology that allows for incredibly intricate designs. Entangled in the webs are arachnids, flowers and small insects. The material used to create these instruments is made of solid nylon or aluminum-filled nylon, but future designs will be made of wood for better sound resonance. Diegel even plans to make even more detailed guitar designs when his atom and electron guitar idea becomes a reality.

If a band truly wants to stand out on stage, a few Spider Electric Guitars will make the crowd go nuts.