Blooming Tea is Imaginatively Packaged with a Cup-Perching Butterfly

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: yankodesign
You might have begun to see how that a little bit more care has been going into packaging concepts to enhance the consumer's experience with a product. The Blooming Tea concept is a wonderful example of this technique that gives the infusion a little something extra special.

Open the bright canary-yellow sachet and you will uncover a pretty paper butterfly with folded wings. It has the same cheerful color with a bit of darker detail in the veins and the tips of its fluttering features.

While this elegant insectile accessory is disposable, it does fulfill a practical function. Yena Lee's Blooming Tea tag can perch on the rim of your teacup by means of a small slit and you won't lose the string into the hot water.