The Firanse R3 Concept Car is a Vision of the Future Eco Vehicle

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: discorpdesign.blogspot & tuvie
The designer of the Firanse R3 might be making a lot of assumptions about the advancement of technology by the year 2040, but it's quite possible that something such as this could be realized by then. Given the most cutting-edge car parts and the most streamlined auto bodies that are currently feasible, who knows, we might be more than halfway there.

What's certainly inconceivable about Luis Cordoba's design at the moment is those hypnotizing tires. The wheels of this electric vehicle revolve around the narrow ends of the individual axles, affording an extraordinary visual show and slew of unexpected functions.

The metallic orange treads and the black detailing sharply match the aesthetics of the Firanse R3. In this case, the model has meshy honeycomb sides with complementary orange patterning, but such features would be easily customizable.