The 'Moth Starship' by Chaotic Atmospheres is Seriously Geeky

 - Mar 29, 2012
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A Swiss illustrator who goes by the name of Chaotic Atmospheres on, has produced a series of images envisioning a 'Moth Starship.'

The renderings are all apologetically geeky. Chaotic Atmospheres depicts epic cosmic battles and faux blueprints in a way that only a truly dedicated geek can pull off.

Sci-Fi used to be somewhat of a taboo genre in mainstream culture. Occasionally there would be a blockbuster hit or art-house film that could garner popular or critical praise, but for the most part, there was no chic to being a geek.

Advances in computing have made video games appealing to wider audiences. Such video games require high quality graphic animation and conceptual art if they wish to compete. Chaotic Atmospheres is well-suited to these tasks.