The BUG-A-SALT is a Solution to Kill Bugs in a Non-Toxic Way

 - Jul 29, 2012
References: www3.indiegogo & ohgizmo
Put your fly swatters and magazines away, as the BUG-A-SALT is the solution insect-haters have been waiting for. SKELL INC., based in Santa Monica, has come up with a gun that will kill flies from a distance.

Go ahead and let them buzz around the room, as you’ll be able to shoot them from afar with bullets made out of salt. This chemical-free alternative is the perfect way to get rid of bugs.

Just like a normal gun, you load a cap of salt shots, slide the cocking handle and turn the safety off. Then, it’s just ready, aim, fire! Those bothersome bugs will be no more.

The salt that’s used to kill the insects is just regular table salt, making refills easy.