The Solenopsis Invicta Electric Car is Inspired by the Fire Ant

The Solenopsis Invicta Electric Car may look like a futuristic cement mixer, but it's actually a single-seat EV designed for the future. Designer Marco Aurelio Galan Henriquez designed this vehicle with the noble, colorful and occasionally dangerous (lethal) fire ant as his inspiration.

Fire ants are renowned for taking down large animals -- and the occasional human -- with sheer numbers. The Solenopsis Invicta Electric Car isn't designed to kill, but it does share other traits with the fire ant, such as a flexible and shock-proof outer shell. A car designed solely for one may not match the needs of today's driver, but things could quickly change once cities and streets become more and more crowded. Mark it down: animal-inspired cars are out, and insect-inspired cars are in.