Street Art by Lemza is Like Something from Another Planet

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
For many, the thought of graffiti or street art sounds slightly grungy, but the featured street art by Lemza has a lot of soul. Lemza is a France-based artist who creates one-of-a-kind murals on street corners and abandoned concrete walls. Many of Lemza's canvases are repurposed from remains of walls that have been broken down, which he essentially gives new life to.

Street art by Lemza contains varying alien insect creatures that are unrecognizable and unfamiliar. This use of unusual character drawings showcases the extraordinary imagination that Lemza undoubtedly has.

Implications - Giving old objects new purpose -- like this street art does for broken down concrete walls -- shows viewers an appreciation of repurposing old objects into new gems. Through giving objects new life, a business can showcase its sustainable initiatives.