The Mademoiselle Filou Lamps Look Like a Swarm of Fireflies

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: & trendir
Whimsical and playful, the Mademoiselle Filou lamps are made to look like flying insects. Although not necessarily inspired by fireflies, the association can easily be made. Nevertheless, unlike fireflies, the Mademoiselle Filou bulbs are located in the insect's head instead of its rear-end.

The Mademoiselle Filou lamps were designed by Sigi Bussinger for the German lighting innovator Oligo. Each one features a metal body with heat-resistant fabric wings and movable tea-strainer eyes that can be positioned to provide light in different areas depending on a person's need. Available in various versions, the Mademoiselle Filou lamps can be placed on ceilings, walls and even tabletops.

It is when they are installed together in a swarm that the Mademoiselle Filou lamps look particularly magical. It is reminiscent of Tsuneaki Hiramatsu's firefly mating season photography.