From Upcycled Tin Can Lights to Astonishing Aluminum Automobiles

 - Jun 18, 2013
These upcycled tin items give old materials new meaning. With the public taking on more of a responsibility to be ever more environmentally cautious, artists and architects alike are using recycled materials to push the boundaries of upcycling.

An example is Javier Arcos Pitarque’s robot sculpture, using completely re-purposed materials. Aside from tin cans, the robot is made of old radio and electric shaver parts.

A DIY shoe heel tutorial by OutsaPop reuses tin cans to embellish high heel shoes. This tutorial is ideal for fashionistas who are seeking to make a statement on a lower budget.

These upcycled products may or may not have been a result of pure boredom with a lower budget, but one this is for sure: these upcycled masterpieces do not cease to impress the public in their abilities to transform trash into treasures.