Tell Time at the Flick of a Tail with the Sardine Wall Clock

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: uncommongoods
Perfect for adding food-themed decor to your kitchen or for creating a light-hearted mood in your office, the Sardine Wall Clock is a humorous time-telling contraption.

With its almost vintage, rusty tin can appearance, people will surely think you dug this cool clock out of a junk yard; however, don't be deceived by this old rusty look. While it may be made out of recycled materials, salvaged by artisans, this fishy furnishing is actually painted to look like an ancient rusting tin. The cute fish tail sticking out from underneath the lid of the can flicks back and forth, marking out the seconds and probably tempting your poor kitty.

The funky Sardine Wall Clock makes for a fishy decorative timepiece on any wall.