Mark Oliver's Litter Bugs are Literal Garbage-Embodying Pests

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: cargocollective & mymodernmet
British artist Mark Oliver created a series of questionable garbage insects, which he refers to as Litter Bugs. These insects are formed using the torn pages of old books, the metal scarps from watches and other electronics or household products that are discarded.

Oliver names his Litter Bugs according to what materials are central in their design. For instance, the body of the Conductor Bug is made out of tin with long wire clamps and metal wheels to produce an electric charge. The Weeping Beetle is made out of pictures of pale sad faces and the phrase "I am sorry" decorates the bottom of the beetle's wiry figure.

The Litter Bugs are a new species of insect that easily camouflages with the rest of the urban environment; which could potentially be quite frightening if these bugs were actually real.