The 'A Butterfly's Eye View' Installation is Unnaturally Organized

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: kenjitaki & mymodernmet
Although seeing a room covered in real butterflies would be quite the sight, the A Butterfly's Eye View art installation is the next best thing. In fact, in its own right, this installation may be even more beautiful than being completed surrounded by the real thing. That is because these butterflies are not just stunning illustrations, they have been cut out of existing books, giving them a sense of life that was lacking in their once two-dimensional forms.

Envisioned by Japanese artist Eiji Watanabe, the A Butterfly's Eye View art installation is so organized, it is immediately discernible that this is not in fact a real swarm of winged insects. By arranging them in such a careful manner, people can fully appreciate the difference between each one.