Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales is an Impressive and Intimidating Swarm

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: yvon-lambert & thisiscolossal
Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales is an art installation centered around a swarm of ebony moths. Fear not, however, because these moths are not real. Instead, they have meticulously cut out from black paper. Even with this in mind, the sight is pretty intimidating, especially since these winged insects stand out vividly against the white walls of the gallery they have been installed in.

Showcased in Yvon Lambert, an art gallery based in Paris, France, and Espacio AV, an old baroque church in Spain that was converted to a multi-use space, Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales is made up of tens of thousands moths. It can only be imagined how long it took for the Mexican artist to install the massive art piece.