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Activation Tech

Tech-controlled products offer more than just virtual reality

Implications - Through their iPads or even Tweets, consumers can now control a separate product in real-time. This kind of tech-enabled action allows users to experience a special sensory connection to the digital world, an experience that enhances both entertainment and convenience and also breaks down the barrier between physical and virtual reality.
6 Featured, 44 Examples:
1,275,104 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 10 — Jan 11

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled iPad-Controlled Blimps
iPad-Controlled Blimps
Breakfast NY Showcases Touchscreen Controller at Design Week
Breakfast NY has created and debuted an iPad-controlled blimp during Design Week. Why? Because they can. Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad, just about everyone and their sister wants a piece of the… MORE
play_circle_filled Wi-Fi Enabled Fridges
Wi-Fi Enabled Fridges
The Samsung RF4289 Refrigerator is a Tech-Savvy Kitchen Appliance
The tech-savvy Samsung RF4289 Refrigerator is packed with fun and practical apps, making it more than just a typical freezer. On an 8-inch touchscreen right on the front of the Samsung RF4289 Refrigerator… MORE
play_circle_filled Touchscreen-Controlled Pleasurers
Touchscreen-Controlled Pleasurers
The OhMiBod Body Heat Uses Apple's Touchscreens to Stimulate
Ladies, start putting your Apple gadgets to good use with the OhMiBod Body Heat. The OhMiBod Body Heat is a new adult toy designed to pleasure you via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touchscreen. Simply plug… MORE
play_circle_filled iPad-Powered ATMs
iPad-Powered ATMs
The BBVA Bank in Spain Integrates iPad Technology
With the ongoing international iPad phenomenon, Spanish-run BBVA Bank had decided to integrate the touchscreen technology to its ATMs. Collaborating with IDEO—an innovation company—this redesign is technologically… MORE
Computer-Powered Aquariums
Computer-Powered Aquariums
The USB Desktop Aquarium is the Ultimate Desk Accessory
The USB Desktop Aquarium has the potential to be the most awesome desk accessory ever. Fascinations have created an actual aquarium that is run via USB power from your computer. The USB Desktop Aquarium… MORE
Social Media-Moved Cars
Social Media-Moved Cars
The Twitter-Controlled Car Moves with Your Tweets
The technological heads at Mercedes-Benz have engineered a Twitter-Controlled car. Yup, you heard me right. You tweet, it drives. Those who think this is fake will be proven wrong as this upcoming viral… MORE

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Customized Naughty Novelties
Customized Naughty Novelties
Made to Pleasure Lets You Create Your Own Satisfaction
Self-Cleaning Coolers
Self-Cleaning Coolers
The Hi-Tech Futuristic Fridge Tells What to Cook and Store
Extravagant Pleasure Chests
Extravagant Pleasure Chests
The Aficionado by JimmyJane is $10,000 Worth of Sensual Fun
Tech-Savvy Refrigerators
Tech-Savvy Refrigerators
The Infinity I-Kitchen Features a Built-In Touchscreen Computer
'Avatar' Adult Toys
'Avatar' Adult Toys
The Fleshlight Alien Brings Your 3D Fantasies to Life
play_circle_filled Fish Tank Sound Systems
Fish Tank Sound Systems
The DIY Aquarium Sound System Uses Fish to Generate Soothing Sounds
Free Travel Tablets
Free Travel Tablets
The In-Room iPads at the Royalton Hotel Make Overnight Stays Easy
Holy Intimacy Enhancements
Holy Intimacy Enhancements
Islamic Adult Products Shops Adhere to Religious Protocol
16 Apple Product Transformations
16 Apple Product Transformations
From iPod Nano Wristlets to iPhone Lamps
Public Phone Fish Tanks
Public Phone Fish Tanks
The Aquarium Phone Booth Embodies an Exotic Escape in France
play_circle_filled Toddler Touchscreens
Toddler Touchscreens
Sprint Firsts in Hi-Tech Development Tools
Apple Symphony Apps
Apple Symphony Apps
The iPad Orchestra Will Overwhelm You With Music
Educational iPad Apps
Educational iPad Apps
Intro to Letters by Montessorium Makes Learning Fun
play_circle_filled Backyard Refrigerator Concepts
Backyard Refrigerator Concepts
Nicolas Hubert's 'External Refrigerator' is Eco-Friendly Cool
Tablet Keyboard Sleeves
Tablet Keyboard Sleeves
The KeyCase iPad Folio is the Ultimate All-in-One Tech Jacket
Tetris-Inspired Banks
Tetris-Inspired Banks
Atelier Hapsitus Designs a Gamer Remodel for the BLC Bank in Beirut
Entertaining Fridges
Entertaining Fridges
The R & R Refrigerator 2 Features a Built-In Television
Cutesy Banks
Cutesy Banks
The 'Piggy Bank Puzzle' Lets You Keep Your Money Safe
Futuristic Kitchenettes
Futuristic Kitchenettes
The IKEA 2040 Kitchen Equipment Features Plenty of High-Tech Appliances
play_circle_filled Rad Touchscreen Technology
Rad Touchscreen Technology
Sprint Firsts in Awe-Inspiring Gadgetry
Bacteria-Detecting Fridges
Bacteria-Detecting Fridges
The Electrolux Food Symphony Alerts You When Food is Expired
Oceanic Forest Aquariums
Oceanic Forest Aquariums
ADA Japan Creates Underwater Forest Habitats that Look Real
40 Tablet Technologies
40 Tablet Technologies
From iPads to Kindles, Tablets are Must-Haves
In-Flight iPads
In-Flight iPads
The Bluebox Avionics 'Bluebox Ai' Gives You an iPad for the Ride
play_circle_filled Techtastic Cupboards
Techtastic Cupboards
Alan Daly Creates an iPad Kitchen Cabinet
iPad Laptop Hacks
iPad Laptop Hacks
The Clamcase Turns Your iPad into a Functional Laptop
Nostalgic iPad Games
Nostalgic iPad Games
The iPad Lite Brite by A Clever Twist Reinvents Old School Gaming
Aquarium-Like Audio Players
Aquarium-Like Audio Players
The Visual Music Device Flows to Whatever Beat You're Groovin'
Aquarium Peep Shows
Aquarium Peep Shows
The HEAD Geneva Milan International Furniture Fair Exhibition is Amazing
Next Gen OLED iPads
Next Gen OLED iPads
Apple iPad 2.0 is in the Works and it Might Have a New Screen
play_circle_filled Neck-Worn Art Installations
Neck-Worn Art Installations
Naughty Claudio Arango iPad Art Exhibit Shocks Bogota Pedestrians
play_circle_filled Interactive iPad Fairytales
Interactive iPad Fairytales
Alice for the iPad Invites Children Into a Hi-Tech Classic Tale
play_circle_filled iPad Dashboards
iPad Dashboards
SoundMan Car Audio Makes a Toyota Tacoma a Flashier Ride
play_circle_filled Revealing Refrigerators
Revealing Refrigerators
The Window Fridge by Yoonjung Kim and Jongrok Lee
48 Epic Aquariums
48 Epic Aquariums
From Dance Floor Aquariums to Star Wars Fish Orbs
Aquarium-Like Structures
Aquarium-Like Structures
The Water Cube Pavilion by MRDV Will Make You Feel Like a Mermaid
play_circle_filled Adult Film Emulators
Adult Film Emulators
'Real Touch' is a Dream Come True for Lonely Men
Plant-Growing Aquariums
Plant-Growing Aquariums
A Planter and Fish Bowl in One For Green Thumbs and Fish Lovers
Recycled Naughty Toys
Recycled Naughty Toys
Rabbit Amnesty Rescues Fun Toys from Landfills
play_circle_filled Fluorescent Fish
Fluorescent Fish
Add Ambience to Aquatic Life With This Oceanic Mood Lamp
Chocolate-Only Fridges
Chocolate-Only Fridges
The Choc Fridge by Hui-Chun (Tina) Lai is for Serious Cocoa Lovers
Socialization Kitchens
Socialization Kitchens
The Robert Lange Concept Kitchen Makes You Interact With Others
Luxury Adult Crystals
Luxury Adult Crystals
Female Sex Toys Made With Swarovski Crystals
24k Gold Sex Toys
24k Gold Sex Toys
Aptly Named, 'F*ck'