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Custom Consoles

Gamers merge digital lifestyles with reality by personalizing their gaming systems

Implications - Many consumers immerse themselves in the world of video games as they provide the ability to express one’s individuality and shut out the stresses of daily life. Now, through customized consoles and gaming systems, gamers are going beyond the basic activity of gaming and seeking ways to incorporate their real-world preferences into their online lives. Custom consoles express a gamer’s individuality while also allowing two disparate worlds to meet.
6 Featured, 32 Examples:
377,259 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 09 — Jan 11
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Intimidating Console Cases
Intimidating Console Cases
The Calibur11 MLG Vault Takes Your Gaming to the Next Level
The Calibur11 MLG Vault is an Xbox 360 case designed for the hardcore gamer. This case is endorsed by the MLG (Major League Gaming) and is designed to improve the performance of your console. The Calibur11… MORE
Superhero Game Systems
Superhero Game Systems
Tony Stark's Ironman Xbox 360 Console is One of a Kind
Customized by Zachariah Perry Cruse, this Ironman Xbox 360 is a piece of technology that many would love to get their hands on. The system is a marvel (pun intended) in itself, with the Ironman red/gold… MORE
Gold-Plated Consoles
Gold-Plated Consoles
Computer Choppers Gives the Midas Touch to the Golden PS3 Slim
Computer Choppers has announced a 24K golden PS3 Slim console and controller. Details are leaking out slowly, with only one picture, and no pricing announced--only the teaser that just five of these Midas-touched… MORE
Solid Gold Gaming Systems
Solid Gold Gaming Systems
The 24kt Xbox 360 Will Truly Make You a King Among Geeks
Here's a question: how do you show off your brand new video game console when everyone else has already got one? The answer is that you turn your regular old Xbox into a godly 24kt Xbox 360. Of course… MORE
play_circle_filled Sci-Fi Gamer Console Cases
Sci-Fi Gamer Console Cases
The 'TRON: Legacy' Xbox 360 is the Baddest Gaming Box in Town
Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox 360 and all but, I would much prefer to own the 'TRON: Legacy' Xbox 360. This unique case mod was designed by Memods, an Xbox 360 case-modding company. Memods has designed… MORE
play_circle_filled Gamer Breakfast Boxes
Gamer Breakfast Boxes
XToaster360 Console Does Not Really Make Toast
The XToaster360 Console is a non-functional twist on toasty breakfast food. This crazy console is actually a toaster that got gutted out and filled with the Xbox 360's insides. I'm not sure why it adorns… MORE

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Tweeting Consoles
Tweeting Consoles
The Twitter Xbox 360 is Socially Fun
play_circle_filled Shattering Gaming Art
Shattering Gaming Art
The Dan Saelinger Xbox 360 Explosion is a Gamer's Nightmare
play_circle_filled Crystallized Gaming Consoles
Crystallized Gaming Consoles
The Swarovski Xbox 360 Kinect was Made for Diva Gamers
play_circle_filled Mobile Gamer Laptops
Mobile Gamer Laptops
Ben Heck Has Created the XBox 360 Slim Portable for $6,000
Hollywood Gaming Devices
Hollywood Gaming Devices
The Collector's Edition TRON Controllers Have Blue Lights
Artistic Masterpiece Consoles
Artistic Masterpiece Consoles
The Mona Lisa Xbox 360 Case Features Da Vinci's Portrait
play_circle_filled Custom Handheld Consoles
Custom Handheld Consoles
The Dreamcast Portable Lets You Take Sonic On the Road
99 Gamer Innovations
99 Gamer Innovations
From Temperature-Changing Controllers to 8-Bit Alien Couches
Spacious Gamer Backpacks
Spacious Gamer Backpacks
The Scout Backpack Will Hold Your Xbox and All of Its Accessories
Slimmed-Down Consoles
Slimmed-Down Consoles
The New Xbox 360 250GB is Less Bulky Than Its Predecessor
Suitcase Gaming Systems
Suitcase Gaming Systems
The GAEMS Suitcase Lets You Take Your Home-Gaming On the Go
James Bond Wiimotes
James Bond Wiimotes
The Gold Edition Sharpshot Controller for Wii Celebrates 'Goldeneye'
play_circle_filled Steampunk Game Boys
Steampunk Game Boys
Artist Turns a Game Boy into Victorian Treasure
DIY All Spark Cube
DIY All Spark Cube
Transformers Fan Transforms Xbox into All Spark Cube
Classic Cartoon Consoles
Classic Cartoon Consoles
The Thundercats Xbox 360 is Worthy of Lion-O
29 Exciting Xbox Innovations
29 Exciting Xbox Innovations
From Extreme Xbox Scooters to Palm Gaming
24K Gold PCs
24K Gold PCs
Gaiser High-End Offers Luxurious First Class Computers
75 Silly Gilded Innovations
75 Silly Gilded Innovations
From Fast Food Bling to Solid Gold Santas
Sacrilegious Webcams
Sacrilegious Webcams
The Golden Ox Figure Webcam Makes Heresy Fun
Custom-Colored Consoles
Custom-Colored Consoles
The Colorware Rainbow Reinvention of the PS3 Slim
Vampire Game Consoles
Vampire Game Consoles
Custom Made Twilight Xbox 360 Case for Sale on eBay
Skinny Gaming
Skinny Gaming
Sony to Unveil $300 Ultra Slender PS3 Slim in September
Golden Pig Speakers
Golden Pig Speakers
Farm Animal Music Accessories are Perfect for Stylish Saving
Wood Paneled Playstations
Wood Paneled Playstations
Steampunked PS3 Brings Old School to the Future
Golden Game Consoles
Golden Game Consoles
The Queen Receives Gold-Plated Wii from THQ
Slim Gaming Systems
Slim Gaming Systems
Rumored Playstation 3 Design Photos Leaked
play_circle_filled Green Video Gaming
Green Video Gaming
Sony PS3 Console Recognized For Its Eco-Friendly Qualities
Gem-Studded Cell Phones
Gem-Studded Cell Phones
Continental Mobiles Add Precious Stones & LEDs to Smartphones
Animal Skin Game Consoles
Animal Skin Game Consoles
Alligator XBOX
Movie Inspired Consoles
Movie Inspired Consoles
Dark Knight Limited Edition X Box
The New XBOX 360 Elite: 120GB HD, HDMI Support, and Black
The New XBOX 360 Elite: 120GB HD, HDMI Support, and Black
Impatient Gaming
Impatient Gaming
Gamestop Allow Antsy Gamers to Preorder Sony PS3