Sprint Firsts in Awe-Inspiring Gadgetry

 - Aug 18, 2010
References: trendhunter
Touchscreen vanities, interactive menus and hi-tech shopping. Today we hunt: TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY - Sprint firsts in awe-inspiring gadgetry.

The iPhone has completely revolutionized how we perceive and interact with our gadgets. Consumers are no longer satisfied with pressing the same buttons on their gadgets as they did pre-iPhone. Every piece of technology that doesn't have a touchscreen has become immediately obsolete.

And now the Sprint Top Ten.

10) Become the hi-tech version of Jimi Hendrix you've always dreamed of with the Misa digital guitar. This stringless instrument is for the rock'n'roller who's a closet tech geek.

9) Gesture Cube is all you could ever ask for in a touchscreen -- without the touch. The gesture-based design definitely gives the iPad a run for its money.

8) Bored at the bus stop on the way to work? Nokia has come to your rescue with this interactive game that has you matching tiles. Brilliant!

7) While most turn tables are stuck in the Stone Age using vinyl, the Multi Touch Light Table takes your music mixing experience to the next level. Getting everyone out on the dance floor is now just as easy as a tap on a screen.

6) An old classic toy has gotten a new hi-tech makeover! You may recognize this little game, but the Rubik's Touch Cube allows you to effortlessly figure out correct solutions. Unfortunately though, the code is still just as hard to crack.

5) The iHouse SmartFaucet comes complete with facial recognition technology that allows it to adjust to specific user's settings. Never again will your hand-washing experience disappoint you!

4) Pushy salesmen begone! These new touchscreen cash registers allow shoppers to purchase their own clothing and it recommends other items in the store to pair your purchases with. From fashionistas to the style inept, this device is sure to be appreciated by all.

3) You've heard of paperless offices, well now get prepared for paperless restaurants. That's right, some restaurants like uWink are ridding their premises of paper menus and opting for a more technological replacement. You can even play games on your table's surface!

2) The Impress Flexible Touchscreen by Dis.play allows you to interact with technology in the cuddliest way imaginable. Its foam-like texture allows you to interact with multimedia in a whole new way.

1) Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Well, this touchscreen vanity is pretty pimp and it gives you a valid reason to spend hours in front of a mirror.

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