From Undressed Logos to Face Tattoo Fundraising

 - Dec 20, 2012
In the year of social media, branding trends were more about bridging the gap between company and consumer than ever. In some cases, this meant more social network-fueled contests and accessible information; in others, this was reflected through logo remixes and goofy campaigns.

The most memorable examples of creative branding in 2012 include undressed famous logos that show a remix of such iconic brands as Starbucks and McDonald's, Pantone chip branding to expand the color company's influence further and of course, remixed pop culture kittens, bringing the cutesy Hello Kitty to more timely, ironic territory -- think Kill Bill meets cute kitten.

While the Trend Hunter Branding Trend Report will help you and your team figure out what this means for the industry and how to apply it to your company, these branding micro trends will serve as an informative source of entertainment and inspiration.