The 'True Colors' Infographic is Insightful for Budding Companies

 - Jul 7, 2012
References: columnfivemedia & dailyinfographic
The 'True Colors' infographic by Column Five Media explains how hues reflect a brand's image and alters consumers' perceptions. Having a strong brand presence is crucial to surviving in a competitive industry, and color plays a key role in developing this persona.

When considering 60 to 80 percent of consumers buying decisions are influenced by simply the product's shade, color has a stronger impact than you may realize. When looking at brands like Coca-Cola, the color is crucial to its marketing efforts, so much so that the company has patented its particular shade of crimson.

Consumers react to colors based on two levels: warmth and cold. In an industry like luxury vehicles, red brings excitement and aggression that reflects its products. For more conservative realms like banking, patrons gravitate towards blue for its secure and dependable image. The 'True Colors' infographic by Column Five Media provides brands and budding entrepreneurs a lot to think about when establishing its marque.