Cupcakes Cubed Gives the Classic Treat Some Tasty Corners

The Texas-based bakery Cupcakes Cubed has found a way to break the predictable cupcake mould. Unlike other bakeries, this intriguing enterprise doesn't rely on novelty flavors in order to stay ahead of the competition -- the company simply gave the cupcake four extra corners. These cute cakes assume the shape of the square, a shape that is oddly seductive in this sweet state.

Although Cupcakes Cubed doesn't rely on wacky flavors to bring customers in the door, the company's tasty offerings are anything but pedestrian. With sumptuous flavors like Banana-rama, PB&J and Cherry Pie, these sweet squares will have your tastebuds doing back flips when you're chowing down on these sweet squares. So, if you're finding cupcakes a little too ho hum, liven up your favorite dessert with a strangely shaped cake.