Viktor Hertz Transforms Apple Inc.'s Emblem in Dozens of Ways

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: flickr & lacarpa.tumblr
Viktor Hertz is known for his minimalist artwork with fantastic concepts, and in this series of modified logos, he takes Apple Inc’s iconic emblem and slogan and truly demonstrates his ability to "Think Different" by homogenizing it with other graphics.

Among the many things Viktor Hertz fuses with the Apple Inc. logo are Mickey Mouse’s ears, a disco ball, a globe, a telephone, a diamond and even the rings of Saturn. Hertz pairs these modified images with reworked slogans that parody Apply Inc.’s corporate motto. Overall, it’s a mixed bag as some of Hertz’s re-workings range from clever and profound to some that are comical or just nonsensical.

Also noteworthy of this peculiar series is the fact that Hertz has literally created dozens of these modified logos and each of them are simplistic, yet professional enough for public consumption.