The Szelet Identity Design is Punchy and Combo of Retro and Contemporary

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: kissmiklos & packagingoftheworld
The bold and crisp look of the Szelet identity design freshens up the new pizzeria's image. Interestingly, the graphic technique used actually serves to satisfy another criteria for communicating the brand's character, cooking up the impression of a well-established restaurant through the use of vintage typefaces and formatting.

Kissmiklos of Hungary has reduced the packaging color scheme to red ink on white paper to maintain a simplicity and the opportunity to make every bit of text pop from the page. An assortment of words that describe the fast food joint's name, location and menu items are arranged in tight vertical and horizontal alignments from a medley of different fonts.

Such choices give the Szelet identity design an iconic character that would make it easy to carry into eventual franchises. It has also proven perfect for transferal to the menus and even the establishment's very walls.