Egg Box Packaging Provides Support for Fragile Food Using Less Material

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
Furniture designers have effectively demonstrated how a bit of corrugated paper and the right treatment is sufficient to support the weight of the human body. On a much smaller scale, Egg Box packaging flaunts a resourceful approach to wrapping up these delicate edibles with a single piece of cardboard and guaranteeing their protection.

Otilia Erdelyi of Hungary took a sheet of the recycled material, made several series of elliptical shaped cuts into it. She then folded it in a number of times from two opposite edges to create the appearance of a pair of triangular prisms touching along one edge each. At their juncture, the paper can be creased once more, creating flexibility and allowing the egg carton to be bent and opened. But in its stiff closed form, Egg Box packaging cushions the shells inside from four reinforced corners and succeeds to make us of very little material.