The Obama-Biden iPhone Cases Encourage Democratic Participation

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: store.barackobama
In an attempt to appeal to a younger, technologically connected generation, the Obama-Biden iPhone cases have become available through President Obama's website. As a fundraising initiative for the current President and Vice President duo, the phone cases are sleekly designed and display prominently political allegiances of the carrier.

The concept of a branded T-shirt, mug, etc. is still around, but not necessarily what the next generation wants to be investing in. Since Obama hit the youth vote hard in the last election, this initiative is in keeping with the demographic he needs to get active for the 2012 Presidential election.

The Obama for America iPhone case is made in America, available for the 4/4s models of iPhone and features a range of flashy blue, red and white designs -- perfect for the upcoming Independence Day celebration.