- Jan 18, 2013
One of the most talked about innovative business trends of the year was the idea of open office layouts in order to stimulate communication and creativity among employees. Research has shown that interaction among employees can increase mental alertness, as well as team bonding.

2012 was a year of experimentation in terms of office layout, as many companies moved towards a more open design concept. By allowing employees to interact with one another more readily, companies hoped to stimulate the senses and amp up productivity among workers. Although Google is one of the more recognized companies known for forward-thinking office design concepts, many other businesses are starting to see the benefits in these layouts.

Last year also marked a year of startups and individuals taking risks -- from social media selfvertising to water-only restaurants and whimsical mobile bookshops. To grab consumer attention, businesses are turning to more eccentric and outlandish ways to standout from the crowd.

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From Creativity-Charged Cafes to Novel Handbags: