The Robi Rolling Library by Linie Zweii Gives Books to the Poor

The Robi Rolling Library by Linie Zweii is a mobile library designed with fun in mind. Whimsical and creative, this moveable bookshop has been designed to travel to library-less villages in Germany's Heilbronn area.

Illuminated with LED edges, the library's interior shelves are transformable and easy to move. Designed with a nine degree incline, these shelves are visually intriguing while making sure that books do not fall while being driven.

Designer Claudia MIller states that the back of the truck is like a mini-fantasy world lacking right angles and anything else associated with traditional design. The truck features window areas that allow guests to view nature while reading in built in seat cubes. The eco-friendly Robi Rolling Library by Linie Zweii has replaced Heilbronn's former mobile bus library which has been around for 30 years and hopes to continue to make a great impact on young minds.