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Satirical Celeb

A demand for authenticity prompts celebs to engage in down-to-earth tactics

Implications - With mass media often overdramatizing stories to the public, consumers become doubtful of its authenticity. As a means to preserve believability and thus, likability, celebrities are turning to self-deprecating means of exposure. The down-to-earth tactics prove useful as consumers crave marketing and entertainment they can relate to.
6 Featured, 40 Examples:
101,713 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 12 — Mar 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Hashtag Conversation Visuals (UPDATED)
Hashtag Conversation Visuals (UPDATED)
The Second Jimmy Fallon Hashtag Skit Stars Jonah Hill
Back in September, Justin Timberlake took part in a Jimmy Fallon hashtag skit, showing just how ridiculous the overuse of hashtags can get. This month, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Jonah Hill for &#... MORE
play_circle_filled Iconic Comedian Coffee Skits
Iconic Comedian Coffee Skits
Seinfeld Stars in an Episode of Comedians Getting Coffee
This video series showcases different comedians getting coffee. In this particular video, you have Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reuniting. It is entertaining and brings anyone who useD to... MORE
Sitcom Theme Song Tributes
Sitcom Theme Song Tributes
The 'History Of TV Theme Songs' with Jimmy Fallon is Unforgettable
The cast of the new NBC show ‘Guys with Kids’ stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform the ‘History Of TV Theme Songs.’ It’s hard not to get a good feeling as... MORE
Celebrity Figure-Skating Spoofs
Celebrity Figure-Skating Spoofs
Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell Take Home the Gold in Figure Skating
Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell have a history of hilarious skits, and recently Ferrell was featured on the Tonight Show rocking an obviously tight figure-skating uniform. Under first impression,... MORE
Dramatic R&B Biography Readings
Dramatic R&B Biography Readings
Jimmy Kimmel 'Soulacoaster' Features Gary Oldman on R. Kelly
Gary Oldman hilariously dramatizes the autobiography of R. Kelly in this Jimmy Kimmel ‘Soulacoaster’ skit. Though viral videos such as this one are becoming a commonality on the web,... MORE
play_circle_filled Evolutionary Dance Move Skits
Evolutionary Dance Move Skits
Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Show Off the Evolution of Hip Hop
Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith “get jiggy with it” in their rendition of the evolution of hip hop for the Tonight Show premier. You will be entertained with the classics and some very funny... MORE

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play_circle_filled Hashtag Conversation Skits
Hashtag Conversation Skits
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Poke Fun at Social Media
play_circle_filled Gambling Debt Comedy Sketches
Gambling Debt Comedy Sketches
An All Star Cast Came to Pay Up Their $100 Tonight Show Bet
play_circle_filled Hilarious Boy Band Impressions
Hilarious Boy Band Impressions
Kristen Wiig Performs a Harry Styles Impression on the Tonight Show
play_circle_filled Olympian-Led Skate Lessons
Olympian-Led Skate Lessons
The Waldorf Astoria Park City Hosts Private Skates with Patrick Me
Patriotic Fast Food Ads
Patriotic Fast Food Ads
This McDonald’s Olympic Ad Celebrates the Victories of the Past
Character Parody Olympic Blogs
Character Parody Olympic Blogs
Shoshanna Goes for the Gold in the Shoshi Games 2014 Tumblr Blog
Cult Film Skating Spoofs
Cult Film Skating Spoofs
The Big Lipinski Takes on The Dude in This Hilarious Video
play_circle_filled Gold Medal Ice-Skating Squids
Gold Medal Ice-Skating Squids
This Display Takes a Nautical Approach to the Olympics
play_circle_filled Camouflaged Skateboard Ramps
Camouflaged Skateboard Ramps
These Nomad Skateboards Ramps Are Nearly Invisible in the City
Attachable Modern Roller Skates
Attachable Modern Roller Skates
Roller Blade the Way Nature Intended with Cardiff Skates
play_circle_filled Acapella Pop Star Videos
Acapella Pop Star Videos
Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Perform A Late-Night 'We Can't Stop' Cover
play_circle_filled Late Night Series Spoofs
Late Night Series Spoofs
The Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad Parody is Highly Entertaining
Candid Comedic Celeb Portraits
Candid Comedic Celeb Portraits
Matt Hoyle Captured the Hilarity of Favorite Comedians
Kid-Friendly Pop Spoofs
Kid-Friendly Pop Spoofs
Jimmy Fallon and Robin Thicke Get Childlike in This Blurred Lines Spoof
play_circle_filled YouTube Spoofvertising
YouTube Spoofvertising
These Pop Culture Satire Vids Cover Everything from Feminism to Rob Ford
Doodle Covered Comedians
Doodle Covered Comedians
GQ Magazine’s Ricky Gervais Interview Resulted in Magic Marker Fun
Celebrity Song Battles
Celebrity Song Battles
Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync-Off with John Krasinski is Outrageously Adorable
play_circle_filled Awful Martial Arts Compilations
Awful Martial Arts Compilations
Slacktory Shows the Worst Karate TV and Movies Have to Offer
Humorous Copyright Ads
Humorous Copyright Ads
The Samsung Super Bowl Commercial Stars Funny Men Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen
play_circle_filled Newscaster Spoof Songs
Newscaster Spoof Songs
Jimmy Fallon & Brian Williams Make the U.S. Financial Cliff Into a Slow Jam
play_circle_filled Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
Ironic Holiday Shopping Pranks
ImprovEverwhere Executes a Black Friday Prank That Redefines Deals
play_circle_filled Mixed Music Genre Covers
Mixed Music Genre Covers
The Jimmy Fallon Late Night Barbershop Quartet is Reggae Fabulous
play_circle_filled Humorous Great North Promos
Humorous Great North Promos
Eric McCormack is Discouraged in 'Canada For Fun' Tourism Campaign
play_circle_filled Child Interrogation Spoofs
Child Interrogation Spoofs
The Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective 2 is Hilarious and Cute
play_circle_filled Pop Star Fight Offs
Pop Star Fight Offs
The Justin Bieber Jimmy Fallon Battle is a Hilarious Promotion
play_circle_filled Feisty Father Pranks
Feisty Father Pranks
The Jimmy Kimmel 'Hose' Video is Hilarious and Audience-
play_circle_filled Funky Father's Day Dances
Funky Father's Day Dances
The Jimmy Fallon 'Evolution of Dad Dancing' Video is Hilarious
play_circle_filled Celebrity Pop Song Duets
Celebrity Pop Song Duets
The Jimmy Fallon Call Me Maybe Music Video is an Ensemble of Joy
Late Night Presidential Melodies
Late Night Presidential Melodies
Slow Jam the News With Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon
Made-up Movie Posters
Made-up Movie Posters
Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Co-star in Fake Films
Rocking Football Stars
Rocking Football Stars
'Tebowie' is Half Tim Tebow and Half David Bowie
play_circle_filled Horrible Holiday Pranks
Horrible Holiday Pranks
'I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present' Part 2 Has Parents Ruining Christmas
play_circle_filled Crude Christmas Pranks
Crude Christmas Pranks
‘I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present' Channels Parents' Inn
play_circle_filled Social Media Mocking Videos
Social Media Mocking Videos
The Offline Social Network Video Pokes Fun at Facebook
play_circle_filled Touchy Twitter Parodies
Touchy Twitter Parodies
Josh Grobin Spoofs Kanye West With ‘Tweet Album'
Crowdsourced Songs
Crowdsourced Songs
Jimmy Fallon Sings 'Black Thoughts Favorite Dinosaurs'
play_circle_filled Celeb Rant Spoofs
Celeb Rant Spoofs
Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mel Says the Darndest Things' Segment Will Guarantee Laughs
play_circle_filled Twitter Rap Songs
Twitter Rap Songs
Drake and Jimmy Kimmel's 'Tweet Tweet' Video Parodies Celebritweets
play_circle_filled Guido Vampire Parodies
Guido Vampire Parodies
The Jersey Shore Cast in ‘Friggin Twilight' is Hilarious
Post-Apocalyptic Epics
Post-Apocalyptic Epics
'Book of Eli' Puts Denzel Washington at Center Stage in 2010