These Nomad Skateboards Ramps Are Nearly Invisible in the City

Nomad Skateboards set up an interesting campaign, encouraging skateboarders to "take your city back." Although skateboarding is not an illegal activity, it is sometimes discouraged by the police, security personnel and as Nomad Skateboards puts it, "boring people."

To help skateboarders skating, three ramps were set up and then covered with a photo print of its surroundings, completely camouflaging it if you were to look at it straight on. Even though the ramps can still be detected from other angles, from that one sweet spot, the illusion of a skateboarder travelling up a seemingly non-existant ramp is quite something to behold. As well, the sides of the ramps are printed with the Nomad Skateboards logo, which is a pretty neat way to get its message out to skateboarders who just want to do their thing.