'Tebowie' is Half Tim Tebow and Half David Bowie

When you mix famous musician David Bowie with NFL golden boy Tim Tebow, you get a touchdown-scoring rock legend named 'Tebowie.'

This video is a clip from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in which Fallon is dressed up in a Tim Tebow jersey, shoulder-pads, massive silver stilettos and classic David Bowie hair and makeup. He then proceeds to sing a parody of David Bowie’s Space Oddity only with new lyrics that include hilarious lines such as "This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow. Please leave me alone." Fallon caps off the glorious performance by bowing as the lights dim.

Tim Tebow has the biggest game of his life tomorrow against the New England Patriots, so hopefully this will provide the perfect mash-up for pump-up music.