Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Co-star in Fake Films

Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon are two of the biggest names in comedy and they decided to team up to create some imaginary movie posters. The posters were created when Rudd joined Fallon on a late night talk show on February 24th, 2012. The two joked about how they got "snubbed by the Oscars" and decided to reminisce on some of the films they have worked on together.

Perhaps the most touching of the imaginary films is "All Opposed Say Neigh," which is an instant classic about the horse trials that decided whether or not children should be taught about horses in school. Paul Rudd stars as the handsome and offbeat lawyer and is joined by the "horse from War Horse," who plays Judge Equus.

The fake movie posters of Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon are absolutely hilarious and one must admit that they might even go see a few of them if they were real (especially "AWW HAIL NO!").