- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 food trends explore new recipes by utilizing unconventional ingredients, blending cuisines, creating new recipes, and more. There are also creative menu curations as well, including the captivating selection by Twisted London in celebration of the iconic film Mean Girls and its 15th anniversary. The menu was themed around the movie, including 'Fetch cheesy fries' and 'Brutus vs. Ceasar salad,' which is finished with pink dressing. It also played into the theme further with edible glitter on hot dogs and burgers.

Another great food concept this month was by Lowlander, introducing a zero alcohol beer that is botanically brewed. It is a citrusy beer that uses lemons and oranges tossed out by other restaurants and bars, promoting zero waste by repurposing the products.

From Reclaimed Citrus Beers to Teen Film-Inspired Menus: