Avery Puts a Sweet Spin on a Treat That's Traditionally Served Chilled

 - May 14, 2019
References: facebook & bc.ctvnews
Refreshing and texture-rich bubble tea is traditionally served cold but Avery, a Metro Vancouver restaurant, sets itself apart by serving bubble tea hot pot. While most hot pots involve savory ingredients, this one puts a sweet spin on what people are used to finding in Asian restaurants.

Despite the "hot" in hot pot, the pot is kept at a warm temperature to keep the glutinous mochi taro balls, grass jelly, tapioca pearls and sago from becoming too sticky when boiled. Alongside these ingredients, the pot is filled with milk tea to create a warm dessert that's served like soup. When it comes to enjoying the last few drops of the dessert, patrons often switch to a straw, which reminds of the bubble tea experience that most people are familiar with.