Unnecessary Inventions' Avocado on a Stick Helps to Make Avocado Toast

 - May 22, 2019
References: instagram & livekindly.co
From the Hoverbrella to the LookBak personal rearview mirror, Unnecessary Inventions shares a variety of wacky product ideas on the daily, including one that quickly caught the attention of many—Avocado on a Stick. The Millennial-inspired product was dreamed up as a solution to help people speed up the process of making avocado toast, effectively saving avocado lovers the hassle of having to mash up pieces of the fruit.

The invention to "make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go" envisions a spreadable form of avocado that is packaged much like deodorant in a roll-up container that dispenses just the right amount of product as needed. While the viral invention quickly spread across the Internet, unfortunately, Avocado on a Stick is not a real product.