Mackmyra and Microsoft are Making Whisky with Artificial Intelligence

 - May 10, 2019
References: ai-whisky & news.cision
Countless companies have combined their expertise to create collaborative whisky spirits but Microsoft and Mackmyra are coming together to introduce what they are calling the world's first AI-created whisky. As the process of making whiskey is time-consuming, Mackmyra is on a mission to use artificial intelligence to augment and automate the process.

Thanks to machine learning models powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and AI cognitive services, Mackmyra will be able to make the most of its own sales data, recipes and customer preferences. The AI is said to be capable of generating over 70 million recipes that it predicts will both high-quality and popular.

On the applications of AI outside of the alcohol industry, a Microsoft spokesperson says, "I envision AI systems generating recipes for sweets, perfumes, beverages and maybe even sneaker designs."