From Esports Training Facilities to Performance Enhancing Headbands

 - Feb 3, 2019
The gaming industry is growing at an alarming, thanks to the rise of esports as a legitimate athletic venture, and this list of 2018 gaming trends showcases where the industry is headed.

Becoming a professional video game player was once considered a joke in contemporary society, but thanks to the rise of esports being good at video games is now a legitimate career option. While some colleges and universities have already established esports teams, PlayVS is hoping to give gamers a chance to blossom at a younger age by establishing a national high school esports league. Working with the National Federation of State High School Associations, PlayVS hoping to bring the burgeoning sport to almost 14.5 million high school students.

While the future of esports is a huge part of the gaming industry, in 2018 gaming companies took a chance to look back into their history. Various retro gaming consoles were rereleased in 2018, including the 'PocketSprite tiny Game Boy.' This incredibly compact device gives gamers a sense of nostalgia while also incorporating various modern features.

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