Moment Factory's Real-World Pong Brings Social Aspects Back to Gaming

 - Feb 13, 2018
References: momentfactory & engadget
Moment Factory has created a real-world Pong system that they are calling GRiD. The came allows players to play the iconic video game in a real-world space, with their bodies acting as the controllers. GRiD works by using a LiDAR sensor -- the same time of tech used in self-driving cars -- to create an enormous 40-by-60 foot playing field in which to project the game. Players can control the Pong paddles by shuffling their feet, providing a fairly intensive workout for all players involved in the game.

The goal of this real-world Pong system is to bring back a social dimension in video games. This version of GRiD is currently a prototype in a series of arcade inspired products. However, the game has already managed to show the ability of public gaming experience that work without the use of VR or other technologies that take you out of the real-world.

Image Credit Moment Factory